Tesla test drive 9/27/08

Stay tuned. Next Saturday on Sept 27th, 2008, I will be in Bellevue Washington for a Tesla Roadster driving event. Tesla Motors is bringing the latest electric vehicle to the Seattle region for future owners to drive and for the media to gawk at.

Here are the specs:
100% electric
0-60 in 3.9 seconds
244 mile range


About this blog

If you understand the issue of Peak Oil, then you understand that transportation needs to change dramatically in the coming years. This website is not about debating whether Peak Oil is true/false or when it is happening. I am already beyond that and I don’t care for that type of debate.

I am focused on how to handle it in my own life and the changes that we need to make to transition away from oil as it becomes more scarce.

I believe that electric vehicles are the sensible choice to deal with a world that is running out of oil. This blog (Peak Oil Garage) will be a way to show the various electric vehicle choices available to people.

I am active in the Seattle EV Association and I come into contact with electric vehicles on a regular basis. I personally own a Vectrix electric maxi-scooter and I ride it on a daily basis. My other vehicle is a 2009 Toyota Prius that has been upgraded with the 5 kwh Hymotion battery pack. This converts a Toyota Prius to a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

So based on my own personal experience and my contacts with other electric vehicle owners, I will attempt to showcase the many options that are now available or that are coming soon.

This is my Peak Oil Garage.