Hymotion pure EV range test

10x more electricity

10x more electricity

I did a Hymotion pure EV range test tonight.
Here is what I did. Full Hymotion battery to start.

I drove around with the Hymotion battery off in order to warm up the Prius. If the Prius is cold, it will turn on the gas engine to raise the temp to some specific level. So an engine block heater (EBH), on a programmable timer, is a likely upgrade for people with the Hymotion battery installed. This will get the Prius into EV mode faster without wasting gas in the morning.

Then I made sure I had a relatively flat course and traffic was at a minimum. The traffic was light, but for the first 10 miles, I hit a lot of red lights. I tried to maintain a speed of about 33 to 35 mph. Also, it was raining and there were a lot of puddles on the ground. I am not sure if that causes a measurable difference in terms of resistance on the road.

Under these conditions, I got 20 miles out of the Hymotion system in pure EV mode.

I think that if I had not been dealing with so many red lights I would have gotten 22 to 25 miles in pure EV mode.

Also, I have heard that the battery range gets better after a few discharge cycles. We will see. I will try again tomorrow night on a route without the red lights.

After that, I will be testing my highway electric assist range at 60 mph with cruise control on.


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