Plug In America party: Tesla vs Volt

GM Volt meets Tesla Roadster for the first time

GM Volt meets Tesla Roadster for the first time

Click here for pictures and video of the party

On Saturday evening, September 27th, 2008 Who Killed the Electric Car Director Chris Paine graciously hosted Plug In America‘s very first fundraiser party at his PV+EV residence in Culver City, CA immediately following the Santa Monica 2008 AltCarExpo. The completely sold out (250 guest) party was a big success and included two superb electric vehicle rockstars – GM’s newly released preproduction prototype Chevy Volt and a silver Tesla Roadster. Due to parking limitations valet parking was provided and guests were treated to EV shuttling to and from the party courtesy of numerous Toyota RAV4-EVs and a couple of very quick and spacious AC Propulsion eBoxes. Chris Paine’s film crew was in attendance filming the EVent for possible inclusion in his next documentary Revenge of the Electric Car.

The highlight of the night were the speeches which due to the number of attendees were delivered from the roof of the house overlooking the crowd packed in poolside around the Chevy Volt and Tesla Roadster. Host Chris Paine began the speeches discussing his recent trip to Detroit for the preproduction GM Chevy Volt unveiling and how surreal it was to have the Chevy Volt parked in his backyard for this memorable party. Chelsea Sexton followed with another eloquent summary of Plug In America’s humble grassroots beginnings. Plug In America’s president Linda Nicholes and board member Alexandra Paul gave a very unexpected and surprise thank you to two dedicated PIA volunteers (watch the video below to learn more). Reknown automotive journalist Dan Neil of the LA Times followed with a rave review of the GM Chevy Volt in his classic delivery style. And lastly James Woolsey summarized the vital national security requirement for our nation to embrace, develop, and deploy plug-in electric vehicles. The speeches lasted 25 minutes and can be viewed in the Plug In America Fundraiser Party video below.

The party also featured a silent auction with many green and EV related items including a 2009 Zero X Electric Motorcycle and a beautiful blue 2008 Vectrix Electric MaxiScooter (from Delamo Motorsports in Redondo Beach). Click here to see my Vectrix Electric MaxiScooter coverage from March 2007.

Thanks go out to Plug In America Managing Director Jeanne Trombly,
Nicole Landers, and all the other volunteers who made Plug In
America’s first fundraiser party a success!

I met many new energized plug-in EV enthusiasts and had a great time
attending the Plug In America party of the year with my friend
Holden. The time to go plug-in EV/PHEV has never been better or more
urgent than now!

(The above was written by Stefano Paris who attended the Plug In America party and did all of the great work taking pictures, video and the editing)


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