Prius on Hymotion steroids: Highway and City

Toyota Prius on Hymotion Steroids

Toyota Prius on Hymotion Steroids


Unofficial official testing (special thanks to Jay Groh on 


Let me say this first. I was estimating on 10-15 miles in all EV mode based on the Kwh used in the official testing and the 30-40 mile official estimated range in highway mode driving. All I can say is that I’m just completely blown away with the results below.

Highway speeds.
For my highway test I started my stock State of Charge (SOC) at %60 and I set cruise control to 55MPH. The Hymotion pack had a full charge and I did not turn it on until I set my cruise control, reset the trip B and reset my trip on my ScanGauge. The AC was off too. Once everything was set I turned on the pack. I used route 52 from Wheelersburg Ohio to about South Point Ohio where I turned around. I tried making elevation profiles but since the highway was next to the hills it looked like I was climbing 200 feet when I was actually on pretty level terrain with only slight elevation changes. Before I get to my results I have to tell you that about %75 of the trip was at 55MPH, %20 was at 45MPH or less due to construction and %5 was at a dead stop due to construction. Because of this and the GPH bug in the ScanGauge my total MPG at the end of the trip was a little low.

The first 40 miles the pack was able to keep the car going at 100+MPG. When I reached the 40 mile mark the next 10 miles was 70+MPG. The pack quit with 50.7 miles showing on the trip B. If you recalculate it by taking out the construction zone and a little stop and go driving I believe I can estimate a total distance of about 55 miles with cruise control. My ScanGauge showed 101MPG but I can estimate it more in the 125MPG area because of the GPH bug. According to my CAN-View the pack Ah size was about 17.5Ah.

So lets review highway with cruise control set at 55mph.
Actual Distance – 50.7
Estimated Distance – 55 miles
Actual MPG According to SG – 101MPG
Estimated MPG Because of SGII GPH Bug – ~125MPG
Estimated Pack Size – 17.5Ah
Amount of Electricity to fully charge – 5541.2Wh

City all EV mode.
For this test I started my SOC out at %60, reset my trip B, and enabled EV mode. I ran this test with no AC but had front driver side and rear passenger side windows cracked. I limited my amps to about 50-60 when accelerating. I tried to stay around 32MPH with a constant draw of about 20 amps to keep speed. I tried not to pulse and glide but I did try to time the lights so I could keep my stopping to a minimum. This test was done around the city of Portsmouth and New Boston Ohio. Terrain was relatively flat since all the roads are near the Ohio river. If you want to know the elevation profile of the route just look at my commute elevation profile ( located above ) between mile 6 and mile 10. This will be very accurate as there were no hills in the city that I had to ascent or decent.

The first 25 miles was all easy EV mode. The engine did not come on at all. Right after about 25 miles EV mode canceled and the engine started. Apparently the stock SOC dropped to %45 and canceled EV mode. I think this is a side effect of how the Hymotion battery works. I think all the energy comes from the stock pack and the Hymotion pack is feeding it. I pulled over in a parking lot and put the car in park. I watched as the SOC slowly climbed to %50, %55, then %60. I then took off again in EV mode. I watched as the SOC dropped again to about %50. I pulled over again and let the SOC come back up. I did this a total of three times between mile 25 and 33. Once I reached about 33 miles the Hymotion pack gave up. The CAN-view was showing I used about 18.5Ah

So lets review city driving with EV mode only.
Actual Distance – 33 miles
Estimated Distance – 25 good easy miles. 33 miles if you work at it.
Fuel used – Technically 0
Estimated Pack Size – 18.5Ah
Amount of Electricity to fully charge – 5295.7Wh
Wh per mile – ~160Wh


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