Engine block heater & Hymotion results

After the first day of driving the Hymotion Prius with an engine block heater (EBH), as expected it definitely did improve my results. The gas engine did not come on nearly as much during the early periods.

I am still learning my SGII, so it is really tough to quantify these results so far. The temperature outside this morning was 40 degrees F, so it was a very valid test. My car is garaged, so it doesn’t take much to preheat it.

To properly evaluate the difference, I really should drive a few mornings without the EBH and gather data. The problem is, I don’t want to. 🙂 It really pains me to waste the gasoline. I want my consumption screen solidly at 99.9 for this entire tank of gas and I want to put up a crazy number of miles driven when I refill.

I am at 140 miles on this tank and it still shows a full tank with 10 bars.
I don’t think I set the SGII properly during the refill though.

Anyone who has a Hymotion battery, these are two must have items.
1) ScanGauge II
2) Engine Block Heater

The SGII has easily improved my performance by 20%. Just having the knowledge of when the RPMs are running is the key for me. I cannot always feel it with the road vibration at 30 mph to 35 mph when the engine turns on. The RPM number is critical to helping me keep it in EV mode and just under the ICE threshold speed.

With Hymotion the engine only idles during warm-up, the wheels are powered pure EV.
For a rough estimate, when idling, the Toyota Prius is drawing about 0.30 gallons per hour. So if the ICE needs to run 6 minutes to warm-up during early driving, then the gasoline consumption is about 0.03 gallons. At $3.00 per gallon that is about 9 cents of gasoline.

The energy meter told me that for 2 hours the EBH draws about 0.8 kwh. I pay about 9 cents per kwh. So that is about 7 cents of electricity.

9 cents of gasoline vs 7 cents of electricity

So financially it is not not really worth it.
From a satisfaction standpoint and to really push my efficiency to a new level, it is worth it.
If given a choice, I would rather use electricity for everything.


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  1. […] The road vibration can fool you. I wrote on my blog about the initial impression of the EBH. Engine block heater & Hymotion results Peak Oil Garage The summary is that it is likely a wash financially. But if your goal is to minimize gas […]

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