2009 Hymotion Prius Charity Auction

If anyone is interested or if you know someone who might be interested, please forward the following links to your friends.

Starting October 31st (next Friday) an Ebay auction will begin for a brand new 2009 Toyota Prius (Spectra Blue) package #6 with the Hymotion battery system installed.
This plug-in conversion makes the Toyota Prius capable of 25 to 50 miles of boosted electric range, depending on driving style and terrain.
This 2009 Toyota Prius, with Hymotion battery, will be on display at the Seattle Auto Show from November 5th through 9th.

All profits from this charity auction will be donated to Plug In America. Plug In America is a nonprofit organization set up to promote the use of EVs and PHEVs. It was founded by a dozen EV drivers in California, many who appear in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? directed by Chris Paine.

(link to auction info)
2009 Plug In Prius Hybrid!

(link to the Ebay store where The Green Car Company sells vehicles)
eBay Store – the green car company: Volkswagen, Coupe, Cabrio

(link to the Hymotion website confirming The Green Car Company as an installer of the Hymotion battery)
The Hymotion plug-in battery system has been crashed tested, does NOT void your Toyota warranty and comes with a 3 year warranty from Hymotion.


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