New electric toy: The Aerorider

Gallery of pictures

I have ordered a new electric bike. But this is not just any bicycle, this is an Aerorider. It is an ultralight, hybrid electric tricycle. The hybrid part is human pedal power. They are made by those crazy Dutch people in the Netherlands. This looks amazing and I have read a few good reviews.

It can do about 30 mph in electric mode. With a pedal assist it can handle hills without much sweat. This is either a moped or an electric bike depending on your state laws. There are also a few variables with battery types and software that can limit speed to 20 mph or 30 mph so that it is classified as an electric bike or moped, depending on your goals. There are also options on range and size for your body type. One size does NOT fit all. I am a big guy at 6’3″ (1.90 meters).

It takes about 10 weeks for manufacture and delivery, so I might have it around February or March of 2009. Until then, here are two YouTube videos that I found.



  1. […] an Aerorider to add to my all EV and PHEV garage. For more pictures and videos, here is the link. New electric toy: The Aerorider Peak Oil Garage This is an amazing ultralight […]

  2. So, how much will it cost all-inclusive to your door?

  3. I am not sure yet. There are some variables like batteries that are not set in stone. You can get your own. Shipping is a big question mark. I am expecting the total cost to be $6,000.

  4. Oh, $6k.
    I thought I read E6,300 someplace; sans shipping?
    Maybe you’re doing your own e-drive?
    I wish I could figure out how to contact you through here?
    write me if you see this please.

    ross at

    I’m considering one as well.


  5. Who did you go through to purchase the Aerorider? I thought it was a little more expensive than $6K to get a new one shipped to the USA. Please let me know how you went about getting one, as I am interested in purchasing one myself in the new weeks. Thanks

    Elliott Steward

  6. It turns out that Aerorider is only offering the Sport version. I tried to purchase the Concept version with the clear top windshield. But he is not making that version any more. I was not really interested in the Sport version, so I decided not to buy.

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