AutoBlogGreen test drives Tesla #16


It is VERY orange…

Posted Nov 24th 2008 at 3:30PM by Sam Abuelsamid

Jason Calacanis was a co-founder of Weblogs Inc., the professional blog network of which ABG and Autoblog are a part. He also played a major part in the advent of AutoblogGreen before he left the company about a year after it was sold to AOL. Since a week and a half ago, Jason has also been the proud owner of a bright orange Tesla Roadster. Jason’s car is #16 of the Signature 100 series that followed the original Founder’s Series, which were a short run of cars that went to the original investors. After we finished up our official duties at the LA Auto Show last week, Sebastian and I headed over to Jason’s offices in Santa Monica where he runs his current endeavor, the human-powered search engine, to catch up on old times and check out his new toy.

for the rest of the story, click here.

The full gallery of Tesla #16 pictures


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  1. […] Orange Tesla #16 test drive document.write(”); if ((!document.images && navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“Mozilla/2.”) >= 0) || navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“WebTV”)>= 0) { document.write(”); document.write(”); } It is VERY orange and still very cool. Video, gallery and the story behind Tesla #16 AutoBlogGreen test drives Tesla #16 Peak Oil Garage […]

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