Hymotion update: 99.9 mpg for 728 miles

99.9+ mpg for 728 miles

99.9+ mpg for 728 miles

A few weeks ago there was an article in Popular Mechanics where they questioned whether 100+ mpg is really possible with a Hymotion battery in a Toyota Prius.

At the time, I posted one of my pictures and videos where I showed it was easy.

I received some emails suggesting that my demo was not a real world test. Some would claim that in real world everyday driving, the acceleration of dealing with traffic, highway driving, etc, would drag down the average into the 80 mpg range.

So I started tracking over the past few weeks. I no longer reset my Prius consumption screen. This is not just short range driving. This is my everyday use of the Hymotion Prius. Some days are 50+ miles per day, some days are 20 miles. I recharge at every opportunity during the day so that my Hymotion battery has power beyond the typical 30-40 mile range.

The other criticism that I hear is about the cost of electricity. When Hymotion makes a claim like “100+ MPG” that doesn’t account for the cost of electricity. Because electricity rates are different everywhere, that makes it tough for the company to include the number.

I pay around 8 cents per kwh in Seattle. I have heard of some people paying 4 cents per kwh at the cheapest rates. There are also some areas of California where it is 30+ cents per kwh. So with a range like that in different regions, how can a national company make a broad statement for everyone?

The battery is 5 kwh and the average cost per kwh in the USA is about 10 cents per kwh. So a full charge costs the average person about 50 cents. You get between 30-40 miles out of a full battery, depending on terrain and driving style. So your electricity cost is between 1.2 cents to 1.6 cents per mile.

So I think it is fair to describe the Hymotion battery as “100+ MPG plus 2 pennies per mile in electricity.”


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