Swedish Commercial Touting Tesla Roadster

Swedish Commercial Touting Tesla Roadster

DETROIT — A new Swedish commercial introducing the Tesla Roadster disses both Henry Ford and horses as major polluters.

The Tesla Motors Web site links to the commercial, now on YouTube, which promotes Fortum, an energy company that serves the Nordic countries and builds up to a glowing portrayal of the Tesla Roadster.

Before the Tesla Roadster makes its appearance, we see grim footage of oil field roustabouts that recalls the stark work of Dorothea Lange, the photographer known for her portrait of the “Migrant Mother” during the Great Depression. It also recalls last year’s Oscar-winning performance by Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood.

As oil gushes from a derrick, it soils a portrait of Henry Ford. The oil drips down his face in a cross-cultural negative image that needs little translation. Other footage shows an old-fashioned street scene, with a man in a top hat and cane stepping in horse excrement.

In a technique stolen from The Wizard of Oz, the black-and-white world of horses and Henry Ford shifts dramatically into color as the Tesla Roadster makes its appearance in a sunny scene.

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BBC: Top Gear Tesla didn’t run out of juice

BBC: Top Gear Tesla didn’t run out of juice
‘We showed what would happen if it did’

22nd December 2008 08:51 GMT

‘Leccy Tech The BBC has admitted that the silver Tesla Roadster driven by Jeremy Clarkson on this past weekend’s Top Gear didn’t run out of juice and didn’t need to be pushed home.

Shocking Scandal ! Top Gear Tesla Didn’t Run Out ff Juice

You remember last week’s episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson drove the Tesla Roadster around the Top Gear track? Remember how in that episode, a silver Tesla being tested was shown taking a dump on the track after a mere 55 miles? You also remember Tesla’s Rachel Konrad claiming Top Gear was the only entity taking a dump on the track, saying “They never had to push a car off the track because of lack of charge or a fault…It’s unclear why they were pushing one into a garage in the video; I’ll refrain from speculating about their motives.”? Well, now the UK Register Hardware’s found out what happened. Here’s what they have to say:

According to the Top Gear spokeswoman, the tested Tesla was filmed being pushed into the shed in order to show what would happen if the Roadster had run out of charge.
“Top Gear stands by the findings in this film and is content that it offers a fair representation of the Tesla’s performance on the day it was tested,” the BBC said in statement.”

Road and Track reviews the Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

While Road and Track is not nearly as entertaining as the chaps at Top Gear, it is more factual and complete in terms of their review. This article comes out in the Feb 2009 issue, but it is online now.

Click here for the article.
Click here for the video.

Top Gear reviews the Tesla Roadster

Tesla responds:
“For the record: Thanks to The Stig’s impressive turn behind the wheel, the Tesla Roadster gets a higher ranking in Top Gear’s performance board than a Porsche 911 GT3. Jeremy Clarkson, a die-hard “petrol head” with a clear bias against green cars generally, said that it must be “snowing in hell” because he had such a great time driving the Roadster and now considers himself a “volt head” thanks to the Roadster’s amazing performance. This is amazingly high praise from Clarkson, whose entire schtick is to savage even his most beloved petrol-guzzling sports cars.

However, I would like to clarify a couple things. Never at any time did Clarkson or any of the Top Gear drivers run out of charge. In fact, they never got below 20 percent charge in either car; they never had to push a car off the track because of lack of charge or a fault. (It’s unclear why they were pushing one into a garage in the video; I’ll refrain from speculating about their motives.)

The “brake failure” Clarkson mentions was solely a blown fuse; a service technician replaced the Roadster’s pump and it was back up and running immediately. They were never without a car, and the Top Gear testing did not put the Roadster’s reliability or safety in question whatsoever. Again, I’m going to leave out comments as to why the good folks at Top Gear might have mischaracterized the blown fuse as a brake failure, which is was decidedly not.

I am also unclear as to why Clarkson said it took 16 hours to recharge the Roadster without qualifying that statement at all. The vast majority of people who have taken delivery of their Roadsters (and there are more than 100 of them now) have much faster systems that recharge from dead to full in as little as 3.5 hours.

However, I really enjoyed Clarkson’s suggestion that, if people want to race Roadsters 24-7, they should simply buy two.

Rachel Konrad
Senior Communications Manager
Tesla Motors Inc.”

Solar car Xof1 in Seattle now

Marcelo da Luz is currently in Seattle with his solar car project Xof1. This vehicle has been travelling across North America from east to west for the past few months. Marcelo spent 4 years designing and building this car. He has spent everything he has on this project. He has taken the car all the way to the artic circle to prove that it could be done. He currently owns the world distance record for a solar vehicle.

Marcelo stops on his route to teach at schools and provide media interviews on the technology and his travels.

Here are the specs on the the solar car.

Repower America With Clean Energy

This is how it should be. Wind power and electric vehicles. Great commercial. I wish someone would put it on during the Super Bowl.

AC Propulsion: Making Gas Cars Electric

By Stefano Paris on December 8, 2008

The talented Kristen Reeves produced this wonderful video segment on AC Propulsion and their world class electric vehicle drive technology. For the past 3 years AC Propulsion has been converting gasoline Scion xBs to 100% electric drive with their phenomenal AC150gen2 electric drive system. In her video, Kristen interviews AC Propulsion President & CEO Tom Gage, and legendary actor/director and longtime EV enthusiast Tom Hanks. Mr. Hanks purchased the very first consumer eBox back in 2006 and uses it as his primary vehicle for all SoCal commuting.

Kristen writes: ”Imagine taking the car you drive now, and never having to stop at a gas station ever again. AC Propulsion, has been converting gas-fueled cars to electric for two decades. This is a piece profiling AC Propulsion’s car, the eBox, with a special interview with Tom Hanks who owns one of these cars. Is this the way of the future?”

AC Propulsion: Making Gas Cars Electric

Tom Hanks shares the joy of driving electric (an AC Propulsion eBox and Toyota RAV4-EV) in his videos below.

My Electric Car – Part 1

My Electric Car – Part 2