Why Electric Cars Have Stalled

CNN Money has an article online taking the position that electric cars have stalled. They have listed four examples of companies. To me this seems inaccurate. I see more activity happening than ever before. Have there been some delays? Yes, of course. But has the electric car stalled out? I hope not. We are really screwed if that is the case. There is not enough oil on the planet to run a functional economy for another 20 years. We have to figure out how to move around without gasoline/diesel. It is that simple.

The article reviews the progress of Ian Wrightspeed’s X1, Tesla Motors, Aptera and the GM Volt. I can understand reviewing the Tesla, Aptera and the Volt because all three of those companies had funding and were clearly developing a production vehicle. But as far as I know, the Wrightspeed never had anything serious in development other than on paper. So why his opinion matters is beyond me. He made one fast prototype that got a lot of attention. But he never attracted any serious money.

Tesla and Aptera are still moving forward. The article has some facts wrong or out of date. Tesla has actually delivered 100 cars and is producing about 15 per week. Aptera appears to be alive and well with over 4400 orders in just California for their vehicle. Imagine their numbers if they would open up the order form outside of California. It would likely be 20,000. The Chevy Volt is a real car and likely depends on GM getting some bailout money.

Here is the article.


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