Parking lot of the future?

Plug In America's Inaugural Parade West - with 70 electric cars

Plug In America's Inaugural Parade West - with 70 electric cars

Another great movie by Stefano Paris. In this one he puts together a 38 minute movie of the recent Inaugural Parade West, sponsored by Plug In America. This movie gig is starting to produce some dividends for Stefano. Nice eye candy.


A Jaw-Dropping Ride, Batteries Included

Click on picture to launch video

Click on picture to launch video

A Jaw-Dropping Ride, Batteries Included
By Warren Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 25, 2009; Page G01

Warren Brown takes the $109,000 electric-powered Tesla Roadster for a spin.

Tesla review by LLewetube

This video review was actually very funny to watch. It is mostly postive, but I just love the guy’s reaction when he floors it.
While he is driving he gives a great explanation for why hydrogen is a huge waste of energy.
He also makes a reference to Jeremy Clarkson’s BS claims about the range of the Tesla Roadster.

Tesla offers faster Sport model

Tesla Sport with Carbon Fiber accents

Tesla Sport with Carbon Fiber accents

Tesla Motors Introduces Roadster Sport
Next-Generation Sports Car Has 15% More Peak Power and Delivers 0-60 Mph in 3.7 Seconds

SAN CARLOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tesla Motors Inc. began taking orders today for the Roadster Sport, a high-performance sports car based on the world’s leading all-electric, zero-emission vehicle.

The Roadster Sport does 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, compared with 3.9 seconds for the standard Roadster. It comes with a hand-wound stator and increased winding density for lower resistance and higher peak torque. In addition to Yokohama’s Ultra High Performance tires, the Roadster Sport has improved suspension with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars that will be tuned to the driver’s preference.

The Roadster Sport starts at $128,500 in the United States and €112,000 (excluding VAT) in Europe. Deliveries begin in late June.

“This car can beat nearly anything in its price class – yet it is twice as efficient as compact hybrid sedans,” said Michael van der Sande, Tesla’s senior vice president of global sales, service and marketing. “If you refuse to compromise on performance or the environment, the Roadster Sport is your only option.”

The Roadster Sport is the first derivative of Tesla’s proprietary, patented powertrain. San Carlos, Calif.-based Tesla plans to begin producing the all-electric, zero-emission Model S five-passenger sedan in 2011.

Tesla has delivered more than 150 Roadsters to customers, and about 1,100 people are on the waiting list. Customers who haven’t taken delivery may upgrade to the Roadster Sport.

“The Roadster Sport embodies Tesla’s spirit of continuous improvement,” said CEO, Chairman and Product Architect Elon Musk. “The Roadster has been a great success, but no one at this company remains satisfied with the status quo.”

Consumer Reports only gets 67 mpg with Hymotion

728 miles at 99.9+ MPG

728 miles at 99.9+ MPG

I disagree with their conclusion…

The guys on AutoBlogGreen spotted this upcomping note from Consumer Reports.

The issue also contains a report on the conversion of a hybrid Toyota Prius to a plug-in hybrid. Consumer Reports chose a Hymotion L5 conversion kit sold by A123 Systems, which the company claims can yield more than 100 mpg. Fuel economy in CR’s converted Prius jumped from 42 to 67 mpg overall for the first 35 miles of driving. At almost $11,000, the plug-in conversion clearly won’t save consumers money overall. However, the technology itself proved viable.

I have a couple of issues with this review by Consumer Reports…

A newbie driving a Plug-In Prius is going to get lousy results. The first week of driving I achieved about 80 mpg.

Now after 4,000 miles of experience, I regularly average over 99.9 mpg. When the weather is warm, I am easily over 120 mpg. When the weather is cold, I am at approximately 100 mpg.

Experience counts for a lot with a Hymotion battery installed. There is a new way of driving to take advantage of this extra battery and how the car responds to it.

So it is fraudulent for Consumer Reports journalist to just go out there and drive the car like a fool, then publish their results.

Just my opinion. As always, you are welcome to it.

George Clooney drives an Electric Vehicle

George Clooney spotted with Tesla Roadster hat

George Clooney spotted with Tesla Roadster hat

You know that you have a cool company when George Clooney gives you free advertising.
If I recall, he was the owner of one of the first 100 Signature Tesla Roadsters. He likely has already taken delivery.

Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are also owners of Tesla Roadsters.