Consumer Reports only gets 67 mpg with Hymotion

728 miles at 99.9+ MPG

728 miles at 99.9+ MPG

I disagree with their conclusion…

The guys on AutoBlogGreen spotted this upcomping note from Consumer Reports.

The issue also contains a report on the conversion of a hybrid Toyota Prius to a plug-in hybrid. Consumer Reports chose a Hymotion L5 conversion kit sold by A123 Systems, which the company claims can yield more than 100 mpg. Fuel economy in CR’s converted Prius jumped from 42 to 67 mpg overall for the first 35 miles of driving. At almost $11,000, the plug-in conversion clearly won’t save consumers money overall. However, the technology itself proved viable.

I have a couple of issues with this review by Consumer Reports…

A newbie driving a Plug-In Prius is going to get lousy results. The first week of driving I achieved about 80 mpg.

Now after 4,000 miles of experience, I regularly average over 99.9 mpg. When the weather is warm, I am easily over 120 mpg. When the weather is cold, I am at approximately 100 mpg.

Experience counts for a lot with a Hymotion battery installed. There is a new way of driving to take advantage of this extra battery and how the car responds to it.

So it is fraudulent for Consumer Reports journalist to just go out there and drive the car like a fool, then publish their results.

Just my opinion. As always, you are welcome to it.


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