Recharge Strategy

Currently, I am just recharging via the electric grid like almost everyone else.

However, not for long. Our goal is to offset 100% of our electric vehicle miles from our solar system. In addition, we want to also supply a portion of our home electricity from this solar system. We plan on doing a net metering system, so that the energy created is sold back to the local electric grid (sell electricity at 15 cents per kwh) during the day, to build credits, then I can pull from the grid at night (buy electricity at 8 cents per kwh) to recharge our vehicles.

I believe I will need at least 3,000 watts in our solar system. But I might go as high as 5,000 watts.
We are currently gathering data on the electricity consumption of our Hymotion Prius and the Vectrix electric motorcycle. We also need to estimate the needs of the Tesla Roadster that arrives next summer.

Goals for 2009 include:
1) Install a 3,000+ watt solar system on my roof.

2) Clean out my garage so that two electric cars (Tesla Roadster and Hymotion Prius) and my electric motorcycle (Vectrix) all fit inside.

3) Train my 6 year old son to never eat or drink while inside the Tesla.


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  1. Getting your six year old to not eat or drink in the roadster will be the most difficult task to accomplish..He will probably be seven by the time you receive the roadster.

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